"My daughter and I found the Business and Education services to be a very valuable tool. The complete package assisted her with writing college essays, determining possible majors and culminated in a worthwhile real world job shadow experience. She learned both likes and dislikes in possible career ideas. This program is beneficial to set students on a forward path as they embark on their college education. Thank you to the professional employees for their time and genuine interest."

                                                    Pam Leibensperger


About Us

Individualized Career Plans are developed through the integration of your talents, interests, and abilities. You complete the program confident, self-assured, with a plan for career success!

Through the use of internationally respected assessment methods, we uncover careers that match your specific interests.

"It allowed me to truly recognize what my strengths were. Some of them I didn't even know I had."            J.Anderson


"The package was an insightful look into my personality and helped identify possible career choices that I hadn't previously thought of before."                             B.Henderson

"It lead me in the right direction and helped me figure out what I'm good at."                                                 K.Claus

"The fee paid to BEC is a small price to pay for a happy, confident, focused student. I highly recommend the   service for all young people getting ready for high-school and college."                                                              I.Muhlenkamp

Business and Education Connected was founded on the belief that every student has a unique combination of natural talents that can be discovered, developed, and integrated with interests and skills to identify fulfilling career possibilities.


Since 2012, our staff has been helping students from across the United States identify career options that align with their unique talents, interests, and abilities.  As a result, these students feel more confident about their post-secondary options and future careers.


Our exit surveys indicate that 100% of the parents who participated were extremely satisfied with the overall program, professionalism, responsiveness, and convenience.  100% of the parents ranked the quality of our career services as good as or much better than other student services ( SAT, preparation classes, tutoring, etc.)  Students also reported satisfied with 100% of high school students reported that the BE Connected program provided them with information needed to help them with their decisions regarding post-secondary education and future career paths.

BE Connected students have access to an array of exceptional career exploration and discovery resources including detailed career descriptions and profiles, powerful and respected assessment tools, resume building, college searches, internship and job postings, and much more.

The average person spends 80,000 hours of their life working.  It is wise to spend as much time preparing for a career after college as the time applying to college!


"The BE Connected Basic program helped me to discover and analyze how my strengths, values, skills, and interests can all intersect in a fulfilling career path. As a college senior struggling to decide what to do after graduation, this program was just what I needed; it has given me the confidence to take the next steps towards my future career. The program provides many opportunities for in-depth personal analysis, and it includes unique online resources that give access to interviews, comparative salaries, education requirements, etc. pertaining to my careers of interest. Using these opportunities and resources, I was able to eliminate careers that did not match up with my strengths and values, while at the same time discovering careers that would utilize my full potential. Aafke Loney and Christine Ricci are clearly passionate about connecting individuals to fitting and fulfilling careers, and this dedication was very evident in the time they spent guiding me through the program."                                                   C.Rhonda

Our Career Development services start by identifying your unique natural talents that empower you to be successful.

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