Career & COLLEGE Consultants

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Individual Consultations

Individual Consultations and Hourly Tutoring

~Career and College Research for Students and Adults Returning to the Workforce

~College-bound Student Athlete Guidance

~Resume services by a certified resume writer

~High School and College subject tutoring available

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Career Transition Services for High School and College Students

Career Transition Services for Students with Disabilities

Students in this program complete the following transition activities:
1. Identify career interest and work skills.
2. Compare careers of interest including duties, working conditions, education training requirements, earnings and employment outlook.
3. Relate requirements and demands of preferred career interests to personal abilities and potential needs for accommodations.
4. Formulate a realistic career plan based on interests, abilities, goals, and potential needs for accommodations.
5. Demonstrate skills needed for seeking and maintaining employment.
6. Apply career related skills to work experiences.
7. Analyze the changing nature of work including work place culture, employment trends, career advancement, and training requirements.

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Career Development Programs for High School and College Students

BE Connected to Colleges and Careers

In this program, students complete precisely selected assessments of individual strengths, abilities, and interests.  Through four one-hour individual student consultations, the results of these assessments are related to various career fields.  Students are equipped with online tools allowing them to explore the related career fields, research types of careers within their fields, and create a career plan.   A student portfolio is presented to the students and parents during the final consultation with recommendations for continued career development. 

After completing the BE Connected to Your Strengths program, students will be able to:
~ Recognize personal strengths, abilities, and interests and relate these to various career fields.
~ Explore career options within the 16 career clusters.
~ Create customized career profiles through investigative research using a wide variety of online resources.
~ Create a developmental career plan.
~ Identify the education and training needs for your chosen career path.
~ Create a set of prioritized career goals based on your research findings.
~ Recognize how personal values should fit to your career choice.
~ Develop a professional resume which documents your extracurricular activities, skills, abilities, awards, certificates, work and volunteer experience.

Our Career Development services start by identifying your unique natural talents that empower you to be successful.

Through the use of internationally respected assessment methods, we uncover careers that match your specific interests.

Individualized Career Plans are developed through the integration of your talents, interests, and abilities. You complete the program confident, self-assured, with a plan for career success!